NaturaVivaPeople often speak of old Vuosaari and new Vuosaari but this rough distinction only vaguely describes how Vuosaari consists of several structurally distinctive residential areas. Vuosaari offers suitable and appealing residential areas for single city dwellers and senior citizens alike, for people who live in detached houses and enjoy their peace and own space, and for young families who want to live in a safe environment near nature.

Woods, parks and the sea
Vuosaari has plenty of green spaces: recreational and walking areas and parks, where people pick berries and mushrooms, and do cross-country skiing and other exercise. Vuosaari is also known for its many beach areas. Aurinkolahti is the newest of them; Kallvikinniemi with its sandy beaches and ridge views is the oldest and best-known. Vuosaari has a total of six boat harbours that boat enthusiasts can choose from and almost 30 kilometres of coastline.

Sports and culture
The redeveloped sports ground and sports park at Heteniityntie offer good exercise facilities and it is the konstalinkola_140801_12332_VV_fhome of the locals’ favourite sports club, Vikings of Vuosaari. Vuosaari Sports Centre contains, among other facilities, swimming pools, two gyms and a sports hall.

Vuotalo, or Vuosisaari House, is a cultural centre completed in 2002. It is a hub of cultural activities where you can find a modern public library, exhibition spaces and a hall for a variety of music and theatre performances. Nearby is the Swedish-speaking community centre Rastis that offers a wide range of multicultural events and activities in addition to its Swedish-language programme.


Vuosaari is also known to many travellers and tourists. The Rastila Camping Site is situated by the sea on the grounds of the Rastila Manor and next to an underground station. Vuosaari also has three seaside hotels with conference facilities.


Nature and Seaside

Vuosaari is an unrivalled neighbourhood because of its diverse natural environment. Beaches for swimming, boat harbours, walking paths and fishing spots are close to your doorstep. Forest and coastal areas, parks and large green spaces offer something for everyone.

Let’s swim and play golf!
In addition to the natural environment, Vuosaari Sports Park and an 18-hole golf course encourage people to do exercise. Vuosaari’s beaches including the large sandy beach in Aurinkolahti are also in active use.

A trip to the forest!

Popular with walkers, joggers and nature-enthusiasts, Ramsinniemi is a forest headland with good places for mushroom and berry picking by the paths.

elina_planmecagolfSails up!
The great seaside recreational areas of Uutela and Kallahdenniemi call for a Sunday excursion and a good walk or run. For those interested in boating or fishing, Vuosaari’s boat harbours and abundant fishing waters offer opportunities for perfect relaxation.

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